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Family Wealth Planning

We advise you to take control of your overall financial picture including yours investments, succession planning and balance sheet as soon as possible. This way, you can focus on generating a greater impact in your life and achieve financial peace of mind with less financial stress.

Wealth planning consists of aligning your values ​​and goals with your priorities and actions. We can work with you individually or with your family.

By preparing an inventory of your assets and liabilities, we evaluate investment strategies including your liquid and illiquid investment policies, review your cash flow in detail, and we evaluate your succession plans, inheritance, and legacy. There are several things to worry about but with a clear well thought out inventory, everything can be planned for and mapped out.

A determining factor in planning your finances is integrating the family in your action plan. When you make plans with the entire family and you’re all united and working for the same purpose, goals are met faster and financial legacy is preserved for many generations.


Since statics show that just 30% of family businesses make it to their second generation, 12% to the third generation and only 3% make it past the fourth generation (The Family Firm Institute), there are many things you should keep in mind to ensure the continuity and success of your family business.

Family governance is a process in which rules, protocols, and policies are established so that all the generations involved can have common business and family goals.

To ensure that your company beats the statistics, you must always be one step ahead. Thus, it is necessary to design personalized structures to ensure solid family governance that transcends time. When you truly understand your goals, you can create a strategy to separate the business affairs from the family affairs and develop policies for the next generation through programs and workshops to lay a solid foundation, allowing the family to grow successfully and enjoys financial harmony.

The key to ensuring that your family business will transcend to future generations is having a family governance program that reflects the values and mission of the business and a long-lasting strategic plan.

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