Family & Marital dispute resolutions

Our team has undertaken engagements in a variety of marital dissolution proceedings and other litigation matters. The net worth of our clients range from under one million dollars to over one hundred million dollars with assets in a wide array of industries, including construction, real estate, transportation and logistics, professional services, healthcare, food service and entertainment, farming, manufacturing, distribution, and financial services.

The following is a brief overview of forensic analysis services we have provided in marital dissolution proceedings:


The range of services we offer is as broad or narrow as you and your client decide it to needs to be. Generally, our work in marital dissolution proceedings include assistance with the following:


Collaborative Divorce is a private alternative to the traditional court room divorces and is based on three principles:

Unlike traditional family law cases, all meetings, communications, and proposed settlement options in the collaborative process are confidential.  Issues are resolved through a series of joint sessions, including the clients, attorneys, neutral financial professional, and a coach. The group, collectively and individually, is dedicated to reaching a settlement that considers the values and goals of both parties.

The financial professional in a collaborative context is a neutral expert for issues requiring expertise such as valuation of a closely held business, determination of income, and analyses of marital and non-marital assets.  The expert brings to the table an honest and even-handed view of relevant information and facts to assist in creating options for settlement.

Michael, Philip, and Melisa are collaboratively trained professionals. For additional information about the collaborative process of marital dissolution, visit the various collaborative professional organization websites by clicking on the links below.

Watch the following videos of successful collaborative divorces in your community!