Neutral Forensic Divorce Accountant


Shechter and Everett, LLP offers an alternative method of dispute resolution in a family law matter.

How it works?

Step #1 – Husband and Wife meet, together or separately, with a neutral forensic accountant

Step #2 – Neutral forensic accountant will commence financial discovery – prepare financial affidavits, mandatory disclosure, interrogatories and required additional discovery

Step #3 – Neutral forensic accountant will assist Parties in obtaining separate counsel to represent them

Step 4# – Parties through their separate counsel will enter into a “cut-off agreement” and the parties will agree to the “Status Quo Order”

Step #5 – Parties meet separately with the neutral forensic accountant and their counsel to obtain discovery, answer all inquiries, value the marital assets and determine the income/child support/alimony, etc.   

Step #6 – Mediation is set up at the beginning of the case and the Parties’ attend mediation with their counsel and neutral forensic accountant and sign Marital Settlement Agreement.

Eight Advantages (to name a few):

  1. Divorce is not public.
  2. There are court filings.
  3. No attorney fees for litigation costs.
  4. Quicker resolution (court cases can last 6 to 12 months, or longer).
  5. Preserves the parties’ relationship with each other and facilitates the ability to co-parent children.
  6. Results of divorce are the same as if the case was litigated but with lower cost, less time and (a little less) less stress on the parties and their families.
  7. Overall, legal and accounting fees are SUBSTANTIALLY less .
  8. If the parties cannot settle, they have not surrendered their rights tolitigate the case in court.




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